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About the Track

ThunderHill Raceway is a very fun and technical track.   It's the best regional track for learning and introducing someone new to the sport.  It's also a very forgiving track if you run your car off of the racing surface for any reason.  There are very few fixed objects to hit and lots of open run off areas to keep and your car safe as you learn or as you push your vehicle to the edge. 

Ther are multiple track configurations available at this facility.

  1. The original 3 mile East Track.

  2. The relatively new 2 mile West Track.

  3. The combination of East & West 5 mile track.

Thunderhill is an SCCA track and they continually re-invest in the facility to improve it.  Some of the facility features include:

  • Club House

  • Cafe

  • Store in Paddock

  • Power in Paddock 

  • Shade Structures/Canopies in Paddock

  • Fuel Station

  • Restrooms & Showers

  • Tire Sales & Service

  • Garage Rentals (daily or long term rentals)

  • Multiple skid pads for Drifting, Autocross, or other activities that require a dedicated asphalt pad. 

  • And a number of other local businesses operating out of some of the many Garages on campus.

Location and Directions

Thunderhill Raceway is a relatively easy track to find due to it being in the middle of nowhere. Two other great biproducts of this track being in the middle of nowhere means there is minimal traffic on the way to it and the sound limit is at 103db. Summers do get really hot here and it typically doesn't cool off too much at night in the summer so keep this in mind and prep accordingly!

Places to Stay

In the map above there are hotels pinned for places close to the track to stay. If you have RV or a Trailer with Camping abilities that is also an option, details around this apply to specific events. 


Website | Directions


Website | Directions


Website | Directions


Website | Directions


Website | Directions


Website | Directions

Track Amenities

Thunder Hill has a Sunoco Gas station on the premises soon as you enter the gates, just past this before the track house there is a gift shop. The gift shop has race suits, helmets gloves and the likes but has minimal supply. Attached to the Main Track Building is the Thunderhill Grill where they will serve breakfast and lunch. There are also showers and bathrooms by the main track building. Thunderhill has two skid pads, one small, one large, for our autocross events we typically use one of these skidpads. 

Track Guides

Thunderhill is a highspeed track, but very open track, so like all tracks we highly encourage all drivers to work up to their individual comfort level on the track each day. Even though there are minimal walls, it doesn't mean there aren't any walls. Many drivers have found the wall on the exit of the turn 11-12-13 complex and turn 15's inside wall. 

Thunderhill has many track layouts and its one of the few tracks that is capable of running two tracks at the same time since it has an East and West track that are separated. 

The most common layout we run is the 3 Mile east Without the Bypass, but on occasion we will run the bypass.

We also run the full track which is a 5 mile long lap making Thunderhill one of the longest tracks in the nation.

3 Mile East W/ Cyclone

3 Mile East W/ Bypass

5 Mile Track Guide

How to Become a Better Driver

This Series is Hosted by Scott Mansell, he is a British Race Car Drive, Ex-formula one Test Driver and Coach, and recently started an online coaching course. So needless to say this Playlist provides high quality content giving you information to not only be safer but also faster!

This Series is Hosted by Randy Probst an American Race Car driver and two time class winner of the 24hrs of Daytona. Randy goes in-depth on how to become a faster and safer driver on track.

Events Calendar

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